冰桔柠檬茶(Iced orange lemon tea)

冰爽可口的金桔味与酸甜清爽的柠檬茶在火热激情的热舞,散发出一股迷人清晰的芳香,瞬间弥漫在整个空气中,飘香四溢,这种清晰新鲜的金桔味在柠檬茶香世界里,仿佛世外桃源,使人心旷神怡,沁人心肺。在这个火热的夏日里满满的金桔味和柠檬茶的香气给你带来夏日冲浪的感觉,又加上冰块里面使你体验到冬日的寒意,简直爽透极了,抽了一口越想抽,吸了还想吸,闻到味道就想吃一口,赶快一起来嗨夏日冰爽世界吧。Refreshing and tasty golden JieWei with sweet and fresh lemon tea in hot dance of passion, emitting a charming clear fragrance, instantly diffuse in the air, fragrance 4 excessive, the clear fresh golden JieWei in lemon tea world, like xanadu, make people relaxed and happy, all heart and lung. Full gold JieWei in this hot summer and the aroma of lemon tea bring you the feeling of summer surfing, add ice inside make you experience the winter chill, it is so cool thoroughly, smoke a mouthful of the want to smoke, also want to suck up, want to eat a smell, hi summer ice world together quickly.




瓜果木(Watermelon hami melon wood)

清晰的瓜果夹带厚实的果仁与地窖深处埋藏的实木沉香混合,让人发现意想不到的味道,使人焕然一新,这种一股清甜的瓜果味,非常诱人,纯净,想吃,中段有果仁的香味更加厚实,夹带木香里面,哇,很醇,起到画龙点睛的作用,简直是一个极品,能勾勒出你的味蕾,还能使心情凑然舒畅,超级口粮。Clear melon and fruit with thick nuts blended with real wood aloes buried deep in the cellar, let a person find unexpected taste, make the person look brand-new, such a sweet melon and fruit flavor, very attractive, pure, want to eat, middle has nuts more thick, the aroma of entrainment combination, wow, very pure, have the effect that make the finishing point, it is a gourmet, can draw the outline of your taste buds, but also can make the mood up refreshed, super rations.





香草世界(Vanilla world)

Attractive and delicious vanilla gives full natural plant fragrance, is to revel in the vanilla world, it has rich connotation, more appreciation taste, just suck a bite or smell will know it gives the taste of nature.





特级烟草(Premium tobacco)

老烟枪的口粮,真烟的口感,烟草的醇厚和饱满细腻,突显出优雅浓烈的烟草香气,有股似话梅味的中华烟香气息,也有混合烟草的嚼味,让人既能满足抽真烟的快感,又能品味烟草带来高贵的享受,绝对是一款烟民忠实的口粮。Heavy smoker rations, it’s the taste of cigarettes, tobacco exquisite and mellow and full, strong highlights the elegant aroma of tobacco, there are like plum taste the smoke of the incense smell, also mix of tobacco chewing, let a person can not only meet the pleasure of smoking is really, and can bring the noble enjoy the taste of tobacco, is definitely a smoker faithful rations.






王者觉醒(Awaken the King)

金色弗吉尼亚烤烟搭配醇香蜂蜜,再点缀以淡淡的薄荷清香和香草味,这是一款能够激发梦想的烟油。烟草与食品的完美组合。Golden Virginia flue-cured tobacco with mellow honey, garnished with a hint of mint and vanilla, a smoky oil that inspires dreams. A perfect combination of tobacco and food.

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